International Women’s Day Rundown – 5 Women Content Creators to Check Out

International Women’s Day Rundown – 5 Women Content Creators to Check Out

With today being International Women’s Day – we here at Combo Queens thought it be a good idea to highlight some great women content creators in the FGC and beyond for you all to check out.

West City Weekly

West City Weekly is a weekly Dragon Ball show produced and hosted by Sheila “DaPurpleSharpie” Moore with content written and voice overed by John “Zidiane” Silvia. The show not only focuses on the newly released Dragon Ball FighterZ but also has segments based around the Dragon Ball Super anime. If you’re a fan of all things Dragon Ball, want new tech to be a better fighter, or want Sharpie to make you laugh – this show is for you.

You can catch West City Weekly on Stream.Me Mondays at 8pm EST

Red Ribbon Retrospect

Red Ribbon Retrospective is another Dragon Ball Fighterz related show hosted by Amanda “Romanova” Rose. Each week, Romanova has someone from the DBFZ community on her show to talk about themselves and community topics. Three weeks old and she’s already had the likes of Tasty Steve and IFC Yipes on the show.

You can catch Red Ribbon Retrospect on on Sundays at 8pm CST



Adrienne “ADsolo” Desirae is an interviewer in the Injustice 2 scene. Over the course of the last year, she’s gotten to talk to some of the top players in that scene – getting their insights on everything from the meta to their picks and the community.

You can follow ADsolo on Twitter or subscribe to her Youtube channel so you can be kept up to date on all her Injustice content.


1-2 Punch with Zorine Te

1-2 Punch is a FGC focused show hosted by Zorine Te and brought to you by Esports Network. Zorine has done FGC coverage for various sites in the past, from Gamespot to Yahoo Esports. The show covers topics from news to patches to having players on for interviews. If you’re interested in a show that casts a wide net into the FGC World, 1-2 Punch is definitely for you.

You can subscribed to the Esports Network Youtube to catch 1-2 Punch when it uploads on Thursdays and see more of Zorine’s content.



Emily “Jemmillion” Ginnona is a content creator who’s youtube focuses on FGC content. There are quite a few different shows she does from “Women of the FGC Spotlight” where she talks to prominent women from various corners of the FGC to “East Coast Player Spotlight” where she tries to highlight players from the best – I mean East Coast.

Currently on a small hiatus, Jemmillion recently announced that she’ll be back on the content grind shortly. Her interviews have a great, personal touch and she’s always able to get the interviewee to laugh.  You can subscribe to Jemmillion’s Youtube if you’re interested in catching her interviews.

Is there a woman content creator you think we should know about? Tweet us @ComboQueens with the hashtag #InternationalWomensDay and we’ll be sure to retweet and spread the word.


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